Thursday, April 24, 2008

N.Y.P.D. Pizza was excellent, though.

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of taking a school funded trip to Philadelphia. I was excited. Apparently, I considered Philly to be an alternate universe. I bought new shorts, loaded up my iPod, and even had to consider which cell phone I wanted to bring. I also made sure I had extra rolls of film. I packed everything inconspicuously, and tried my best not to look like a tourist.

I decided to forgo the complimentary attractions they had lined out for us. Navigating the city myself would obviously be more eventful. I get lost inside of shopping malls. I spent 6 grueling hours on this street.

Point A is where the bus let us off. Point B is American Apparel, aka the Mecca. I had high hopes for this store. They were not met. Philly stinks. So, I kept walking.

I walked to the end of Walnut street, and decided to not go over the bridge. Then I walked back to my original location, and did this several times all day. I may have turned a few times while avoiding radical campaign enthusiasts. It was voting day, after all.

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