Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is Your Phone on Drugs.

I've become pretty dependent on my cell phone over the years. Sure, it calls people. It's also my alarm clock, my way to duck out of talking to others, and lets me know traffic situations. Safe to say I do not leave home without it. Priceless.So as I was casually text messaging today, I was pretty angry to see the center "button" slide off. It was a bit like losing a limb at first, until I slid it back into place and pretended nothing happened. Then I realized my center button is nothing more than a glued on sequin, and not even strongly. It's only one of the must used portions of the phone, why not just tape it on there.
Upon calling a friend with a similar phone (thus irritating it more), I learned that my send/enter/menu/shiny circle only has about 1 month to live after the initial rub off. The phone is only 3-4 months old to begin with.


crazy working mom said...


I LOST a phone after having it only one month, right at Christmas.

Does it have any sort of warranty?

Danny said...

Aw, that's terrible.

I believe Verizon offers a 30 day warranty, and I always opt out of the insurance. I still plan on stopping by though, just to see.

Grandy said...

I'm sorry for the prognosis of your phone. That does bite!!