Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Aint No Party Like a Scranton Party

St Patrick's Day is approaching, just 7 more sober days. Cities, restaurants, pubs, and everyone else are planning for the food colored celebrations. Guiness is even trying to make the day a national holiday. (They need 1,000,000 votes by midnight 3-16-08.) One particularly Irish proud area is Scranton, PA. It is widely known due to the recent popularity of The Office, which is set in Scranton. The name might also be recognized as an area with some of the worst potholes in Pennsylvania, or one of the worst cities for asthmatics. Despite all of this, Scranton knows how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The annual parade is on the mouths of potential goers from the beginning of March. But this year, an election year, something different will happen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be attending the celebration, along with her daughter, Chelsea. Hillary Clinton's father was born in Scranton, which may be what helps draw her to the area.

Weather reports for the New England states have not been all that promising, but heres to hoping for a somewhat clear day.

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