Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wouldn't You Do The Same?

I have a philosophy class three times a week. It's a life, death, and dying class.. so it's pretty optimistic. We all received documents to make our own living wills on Friday. It was pleasant. But before that, we were discussing the measures taken in America to prevent death, and how it is dealt with. We touched on the basic subjects of 2008–cloning, stem cells, and why it is always best to have a spare. Then my professor mentioned a family who had a sick daughter in need of a bone marrow transplant. Neither of her parents were a match, so they decided to have another baby. Once the baby was one month old, they took the bone marrow and transplanted it. Apparently people found this wrong. I can't imagine being in that position to begin with, but if I knew of a way to help, I doubt I'd give it a second thought. The older daughter would be able to live, and have a younger sibling she would probably never be compelled to beat up.

And in the event of my passing, I leave everything to my furry son, Bandit.


Jude said...

They had a TV movie about this some years ago and it was based on a true story. In a way I found it very sad to simply have a baby just to be a donor for someone you already knew and loved.

It was almost like having a child for the spare parts and not really having consideration for what they were doing. Not sure how I feel about the whole scenerio, but I condenm no one, not my place.

Danny said...

I agree the conditions are a bit debatable, but I can't imagine knowing having another child would be the answer and simply not doing it. As long as both children were still offered the same quality of life.