Tuesday, March 25, 2008

News Anchors are People Too.

I see a lot of variety working as a cashier. There are the green-friendly folk, who bring canvas bags put all of their items in. I like them, they bag their own things. There are people who are ridiculously cruel to their children. I can't say how many times I've heard a mother tell a small child she is going to give them away/take them back to the hospital and leave them. They make me sick. Some like to tell me the amazing savings they're getting by shopping here, and not their local store. But then tonight, something new! I saw a familiar face. I initially thought it was one of my favorite news anchors(I'm sure everyone has favorite anchors, right?). She bought thongs. I was like wow, here? You? Why? It kind of ruined things for me. Not to mention, it made me feel awkward. Then she signed the receipt, and it ended up being a different anchor who I care significantly less about. Then it all made sense.

Unless she just buys thongs at mass retail stores using the other anchor's name, because that is a possibility. That would be the best kind of identity theft, if there could be such a thing. To be locally famous, and then purchase semi-embarrassing items under another locally-famous name. Yeah..

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