Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The Receiving End of Sirens, or TREOS for the text message enthusiast, are on "indefinite hiatus," due to Brendan having a son and deciding touring would be too difficult. While I understand, it kind of sucks.

I first saw a show of theirs without any intention. I was there to see Story of the Year, and TREOS just happened to be opening for them. Once they took the stage, I was floored. There are no words for how they sounded to me that night. Their harmony and perfectly written lyrics had me within minutes. Though I will honestly say I could not remember their name, I referred to them as "The Second Band" for about a month or two. I gave their cd to anyone I knew, and probably annoyed a few with it.

I will definitely miss not being able to see another one of their shows, and not being able to look forward to a new record, but I'd definitely be into a reunion show!

There are two more shows for those fortunate enough to be in that area:
May 2nd - Lupos - Providence, RI
May 4th - The Bamboozle - East Rutherford, NJ

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